Welcome to Skymark Renovations one of a kind, unique RENO2GO costumer convenience program. The program is focused on people who want to renovate their home to its maximum return in order to buy a new home. When selling the question always comes up as to what work should actually be done on your existing home to get the best return. If you are in this position then RENO2GO is for you and you should contact your Skymark Representative to arrange a consultation. Here is how it works and the benefits to you ,the home owner.

Skymark uses its wide range of staff and strategic relationships to do a full assessment or your homes from top to bottom. A report is then prepared for you advising you what work needs to be complete to go on the market and maximize the true dollar return you get from your home to give you the most cash in your pocket to put into your new home.

Here is the 5 point program that will be followed by Skymark and yourself.

  1. Site viewing by Skymark Homes inspector and estimator responsible who would be completing work on your home.
  2. Site visit by Skymark Homes interior decorator.
  3. Site visit by a Home Team representative to assess current market value and potential for increased value. When possible these three will do viewing at the same time to help coordination.
  4. Pre report consultation with you to determine any limitations and restrictions that may exist for you.
  5. A full report is then complete showing options and alternatives to maximize you return. You then make your decisions based the options available.

While the assessment is being complete you may also look at your options for a new property with Skymark. Buying a home from Skymark Homes is not a requirement of this program, but Skymark homes with work with you to assess that options as you move forward. If you do decide to build or buy a Skymark home, you will have full access to our one stop shop design centre to make all of your selections. To learn more click here.

When it is determined what work should be complete to maximize your return a full financial assessment is complete with you to see how to proceed. There are ways that the work could be tied into the purchase and financing of your new home to a point that no monies could have to change hands until your new home is ready or we at skymark renovations would work with Skymark Homes and your financial institution to develop a program that cause the least amount of disruption to you and your family’s life.

This program uses the resource’s available to Skymark through its full staff and strategic partners to position you make the best decision. These resource’s include but are not limited to Interior Decorator, Designer Estimators, Inspectors, Finance.

Our goal is to make your moving experience more rewarding and stress free.

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